Tom’s of Maine Natural Products — Review

I’ve been dab­bling in the world of cru­el­ty free prod­ucts late­ly, and I have to say that the brand Tom’s of Maine has some great prod­ucts.

Cru­el­ty free = no ani­mal test­ing = not hold­ing down help­less ani­mals and dump­ing chem­i­cals in their eyes/mouth/nose aka tor­tur­ing them for the gain of “safe­ty proof­ing” prod­ucts for humans. I find that to be so incred­i­bly self­ish, and total­ly unnec­es­sary.

Any­way, while explor­ing cru­el­ty free prod­ucts (which can indeed be bought at he big chain stores such as Wal­mart, Tar­get, Safe­way, etc) I came across Tom’s of Maine prod­ucts, and they are actu­al­ly great.

tom's of maine cruelty free deoderantThus far, I have been con­sis­tent­ly using Tom’s of Maine deodor­ant (I elect­ed for the laven­der scent) and it has worked fab­u­lous­ly! I per­spire mod­er­ate­ly through­out the day, and have noticed with my past use of Secret deodor­ant that I had a slight­ly stinky odor to my pits after a day of use (TMI, sor­ry.) I can hon­est­ly say that hasn’t hap­pened dur­ing my use of Tom’s of Maine deodor­ant! It is also alu­minum free, which means not harm­ful to your body! –the pur­pose of alu­minum in deodor­ant is to tem­porar­i­ly plug your sweat ducts to pre­vent per­spi­ra­tion (not good for you!) and has been linked to skin can­cer –

Anoth­er Tom’s of Maine cru­el­ty free prod­uct that I have adopt­ed is their nat­ur­al whiten­ing tooth­paste! I was a lit­tle wary at first, as I had been reli­gious­ly using Crest Bril­liant Whiten­ing tooth­paste for sev­er­al years (though I was also get­ting canker sores all too often, which is anoth­er thing using Tom’s of Maine has solved, as I men­tion below), but with my new pact to not sup­port the com­pa­nies that test on ani­mals I decid­ed to make the change… I am SO glad I did!

Tom's of Maine cruelty free toothpaste

While lack­ing the over­pow­er­ing minty taste of most big name tooth­pastes, Tom’s of Main nat­ur­al whiten­ing tooth­paste packs the same (if not a BETTER) punch in terms of clean­ing as any oth­er tooth­paste I have tried. Anoth­er strange­ly amaz­ing perk about this nat­ur­al tooth­paste, is that morn­ing breath has sud­den­ly van­ished! Even after sleep­ing eight whole hours, my mouth lacks the nasty pun­gent taste of morn­ing, as it did in the past! My hus­band has expe­ri­enced the same effect! And, nei­ther of us have had a sin­gle canker sore since switch­ing to Tom’s tooth­paste.

While I ini­tial­ly feared the changes switch­ing to using Tom’s of Maine nat­ur­al deodor­ant and nat­ur­al tooth­paste would bring, I am so glad that I did it! Not only am I sup­port­ing a com­pa­ny that is cru­el­ty free, my body is expe­ri­enc­ing the won­der­ful effects of the nat­ur­al prod­ucts! It’s a win-win all around.

Give it a try and let me know what you  think!



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