Silicone Wedding Band — Inexpensive Wedding Ring to Match ANY Budget

Wed­ding sea­son is upon us. And if you gals (or guys) are any­thing like me, the fella’s wed­ding band was the last thing on my check­list of wed­ding to-dos. My hubs and I elect­ed for the stan­dard route — about four weeks out from wed­ding day, we scoot­ed our booties into our local Kay Jeweler’s to buy a man-band. It HAD to be white gold and match my ring! Just HAD to. *eye­roll* And we couldn’t buy one of those tung­sten wed­ding bands because um, what if when he’s doing all his man­ly hard work he some­how gets it stuck on some­thing and his fin­ger has to be chopped off.…… (He doesn’t do TOO much crazy man­ly work, but maybe he will some­day… Love you baby…) I think those rings are prob­a­bly a great, less expen­sive and very durable option, but we were just a lit­tle ner­vous to pur­chase one.

Any­way, we pur­chased a sim­ple white-gold wed­ding band, and shipped it off to be fit­ted. The total cost — $400 bucks. Youch. Didn’t real­ly want to spend that on a wed­ding band that would end up get­ting tar­nished quick­ly because SOMEONE refused to take it off while he lift­ed weights… And the man didn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly care about the wed­ding band either! To him, it was just anoth­er thing we had to pay for to keep up with the tra­di­tion of hav­ing a gold band around his fin­ger (but he DID want to wear a band, of course.)

As I men­tioned, with­in months, pos­si­bly weeks, that band was scratched up as could be. It wasn’t until our two-year wed­ding anniver­sary that we final­ly took the wed­ding ring in to be re-sized and re-plat­ed. In the mean­time, my hus­band was miss­ing hav­ing the ring on his fin­ger, so I looked into a cheap wed­ding band solu­tion to solve our tem­po­rary prob­lem. A fel­la that works with my hus­band had recent­ly showed off his sil­i­cone wed­ding band, which my hubs thought was the coolest thing. So, I did a lit­tle look­ing on Ama­zon and found a sil­i­cone wed­ding band for eight dol­lars! Cheap cheap cheap! I ordered it, and the rest is his­to­ry.

The band fit great, my hus­band loves it, and he can wear it any­where and any­time with­out hav­ing to wor­ry about it. Although, we went out on my in-laws boat a few weeks ago, and sweet lit­tle hub­by was dan­gling his hand in the water as we were cruis­ing along, and off flew the band! Whoops! But hey, the ring was eight dol­lars! So we ordered anoth­er.

Sil­i­cone bands are a great option for mil­i­tary, law enforce­ment, labor work­ers, con­struc­tion work­ers, weight lifters, etc. If your fel­la doesn’t care too much about receiv­ing the fin­er things in life, I would say to pur­chase a sil­i­cone ring right off the bat, espe­cial­ly if you are look­ing for an inex­pen­sive wed­ding band to stretch the means of a tight wed­ding bud­get. My hus­band wish­es we would have thought to pur­chase the sil­i­cone band right off the bat, and would have spent the extra mon­ey on some­thing else. If you can give up the sil­ly notion that your hubby’s ring has to match yours (and after the first day, trust me, it don’t mat­ta,) then a sil­i­cone wed­ding band is the per­fect cheap wed­ding band option.

Btw, a black band is more notice­able on the fin­ger, and if you’ve got a hot hubs like I do, that’s a GREAT thing. 😉

Hap­py wed­ding sea­son!

xoxo Nes­sa

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