Tulle Bedroom Canopy — Recycling Tulle from Wedding

Wed­dings are spendy, man. And maybe the worst part about spend­ing mon­ey on your wed­ding day is that it comes, it’s over in a flash, and then your left with lit­tle mon­ey in your pock­et and a whole lot of par­ty favors, can­dles, and tulle (oh, and a spouse, too.) Thank­ful­ly, I have fig­ured out a solu­tion to re-pur­pose all that tulle — use it in your bed­room to fan­cy things up a bit! My wed­ding décor also con­sist­ed of a lot of twinkle/white Christ­mas lights, which com­plet­ed the soft, chic ele­gance of the look. What I call this cre­ation is a tulle bed­room canopy.

If you don’t have any tulle on hand, it can be pur­chased from most any fab­ric store… My rec­om­men­da­tion, how­ev­er, is to take a trip to your local Wal­mart store and pur­chase it from there. I found a price of 98 cents per yard, after I had pur­chased what I thought was a great deal at $1.79 a yard. Dar­nit. Any­way, about ten to twelve yards is per­fect for your tulle bed­room canopy, unless you want to cov­er your whole ceil­ing. In that case I would rec­om­mend buy­ing fif­teen to twen­ty yards, to cov­er your ceil­ing in tulle. The type of tulle I pur­chased was con­sid­ered “shiny” and I pur­chased the widest size. You can also get your white twin­kle lights there as well. One or two box­es will do.

There are a few oth­er tools need­ed to cre­ate the look… Tacks — sil­ver or white OR if you are low on sup­plies and decide to do the spur-of-the-moment thing, you can use small nails with white card­board to pin up the tulle.

Those curved dou­ble nail thin­gies (they are shaped like “U“s would be real­ly con­ve­nient for hang­ing the lights on your ceil­ing, but I just used tacks. You will also need some­thing to posi­tion your­self high­er to the ceil­ing, because unless you have either real­ly low ceil­ings or a real­l­l­l­l­l­ly tall bed, reach­ing the ceil­ing wont work out too well. I placed our liv­ing room ottoman on top of our bed like a hea­then and it gave me just enough height. How­ev­er, mov­ing the bed and using a small lad­der or a step stool would be my rec­om­men­da­tion. You may also want to use a pen­cil to mark off the points/square in which you want the tulle to cov­er, to pre­vent see­ing crooked­ness once all your hard work is over.

So, the first step in cre­at­ing the tulle bed­room canopy is to hand the twin­kle lights direct­ly over your bed. I made a small square in the mid­dle of where i planned to hang the tulle, and let the lights hang down a lit­tle way (about 6 inch­es from the ceil­ing.) Next, you will want to pin up your tulle. This is the part that I thought I messed up on, but the way the twist­ed tulle hung made the whole thing look a lit­tle more chic. The hang­ing of the tulle doesn’t have to be per­fect, but if you want a sim­ple swoop­ing look as opposed to a chunky look, my sug­ges­tion would to be to cut your tulle in half LONG WAYS and then hang the two swoops of tulle side by side above your bed, pin­ning at the inter­sec­tion of the ceil­ing and the wall at the head of your bed, then pin­ning again about halfway down your bed, and once more at the end of your bed. The look I cre­at­ed hap­pened when I start­ed by pin­ning one cor­ner of the tulle on the ceil­ing start­ing at the head of the bed. The sec­ond step was fold­ing the tulle so that it forms a star shape, do not match up the cor­ners. Then, pin four of the cor­ners as you would to cre­ate a square shape on the ceil­ing, but make sure there is tulle hang­ing down/don’t make the square tight! With the cor­ners that are hang­ing down, pin them on the inside of the square and let the very tips of the tulle hang down, to cre­ate a more chic/elegant boho look. The great thing with tulle is that even if your corners/square shape isn’t per­fect, it will still look ele­gant, ESPECIALLY when you turn on those twin­kle lights.

I reused the let­ters my in-laws had bought as rehearsal din­ner dec­o­ra­tions to hang above our bed.

   ——->     how to hang a tulle canopy, reuse tulle from a wedding, and make your bedroom darn elegant!

Those have been there much longer than the tulle has, and they have stayed put per­fect­ly with the use of “Vel­cro” com­mand strips. I always fear that one will fall on either mine or my husband’s face whilst we dream, but so far so good — two years strong! The quote was a wed­ding gift from my aunt.

I also strung a string of lights along the top of the wall at the head of the bed, the extends the length of the wall. It adds to the light in the room and cre­ates an even more ele­gant appear­ance. A sweet lit­tle col­lage at the head of the bed cre­ates a sweet look that I think is per­fect­ly ele­gant for our lit­tle apart­ment life.

Hope you enjoy the look of the tulle bed­room canopy! Com­ment if you have any ques­tions. 🙂

this is what the tulle bedroom canopy looks like from the bottom... peaceful

this is what the tulle bed­room canopy looks like from the bot­tom… peace­ful

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