The Cheapest Place to Buy Phone Cases in Store

Today marked my entry into the iPhone 6s world! And, if you’re a pen­ny pinch­er but also clum­sy like me, one of your first thoughts may have been, “how can I keep from break­ing this thing until I get a case?!” I usu­al­ly opt to not buy a case from the store which I pur­chase my phone, as I find that they are exces­sive­ly over priced. So, as a quick effort to pur­chase a phone case that is ver­sa­tile and cute at all the same time, I look no fur­ther than Ross. Ross seems to have a decent selec­tion of VERY mod­er­ate­ly priced phone cas­es, that are styl­ish and shock-pro­tec­tive all at once. The pur­chase price of my teal and gray, iwave brand, shock-proof case: $5.99. I’d say that’s a steal of a deal com­pared to the $19-$29.99 you would pay in-store for a sim­i­lar case (in terms of pro­tec­tion and style.) I will most like­ly still scour eBay for a cute trans­par­ent case to show of the rose gold col­or of my pret­ty lit­tle iPhone friend, but for the next two weeks at least I will be at ease with my inexpensive,$5.99 case from Ross.

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